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Women's World Cup 2011

WOO HOO, Japan victory 2-1!! As if there was any doubt. They weren't at the top of their game today, but the Japanese women's team still has one of my favorite play styles ever. They're what originally got me into soccer 4 years ago in the '07 World Cup. Ah, memories.

Fukumoto wasn't there though. ;_; I missed the roster when they showed it so I'm not sure if she's just in reserves, or if she's not playing at all this year. Either way it's sad. I fangirl her so hard.

Mexico v. England on in a bit. I may just have that on in the background while I do other things since I'm not too interested in either team. Sweden plays tomorrow though, and Brazil the day after that, fook yes! I missed my ladies so much. <3

Only sad thing, as usual, is how few people give a shit about women's soccer. Most people if not outright hostile are indifferent. Or completely clueless that it's even happening. /sob
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