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The Hunger Games

I've been wanting to read these books for ages since I've had dozens of people highly recommend them to me, and goddamn. I think I'm getting obsessed. Later today when I finish book 3 I'll have read the whole trilogy in 3-4 days. It's been fucking years since I've devoured books that quickly, or felt the need/desire to. To be honest they're not as good, quality-wise, as I had hoped judging by the overwhelming hype, but they are really good and I've grown very attached to the story/characters. My mom and I are both having to marathon the trilogy in time to go see the movie. We can't afford the books ourselves right now so she borrowed them from a coworker's daughter, heh.

No points for guessing my favorite characters, it's too easy. Goddamn I'm predictable. Side characters, arrogant losers/asshats, and ridiculousness. All day erry day.

I dunno how many people on my friends list even like this series, but yeah. I have only barely peeked into the fandom thus far and frankly I'm not sure it's one that's well suited for me. It sucks fanning over things by your damn self though. I'm waiting till I finish reading to look for fanfics, but there's a couple twisted ideas in my head, and if they're not already out there then I'm sorely tempted to write them myself. ...And then subsequently hoard the Wordpad documents on my harddrive because I'm too ashamed to post them. Again. Fuck.

I don't want to write about real life right now. Nothing hugely earthmoving to report though. Not sure "earthmoving" is even a word or a phrase or whatever. I'm so fucking articulate it scares me.
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