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Haven't said hi to you for awhile. I'm finally playing Penumbra. lol We shall see how this goes. Makes me want to invest in a better mouse and keyboard. An Amnesia fan probably PMed you. She wanted to know other fans of the game and you were the only one I could think of. I know you think it deserves a fandom. :)
Argh, this blows! I choose to take a huge leave of absence right when you play Penumbra? D:::: JESUS CHRIST I'm going to leave such long comments on your journal it's going to be ri-freaking-diculous, so prepare yourself. I've been gone so long I have to schedule like an entire day to catch up on peoples' entries and other stuff. I had no idea it had been 2 months since I was here... whoops.

Thank you for referring an Amnesia fan to me!! Now I just need to get you to play it and we'll be all set~
Haha, I know. It is ironic as well.

Let me save you some time, because I didn't post that much about Penumbra in my journal, because no one had played the damn series and you were not around. So we can all our fan-spamming here. XD

I am so not good at first-person games, esspically on the keyboard, so it took me a while to custimize the keys to a point where I didn't totally suck and playing on the computer gave me such shoulder pain, that I was almost always on Vicodin playing the series.

The plot had me a little mind fucked, mainly because of the time-line. Philp just happened to decide go find this place when his father finally got in touch with terogait(can't spell it so aliens it is) and then shot himself. The body didn't look that decomposed. It the whole game happened just be perfect timing.

Oh, God, Red. Such gay to had there. I loved that guy. I like the bad ending just for the fact that Philp burns to death like Red and he always remembers Red at the weirdest times. But, anyway, RED'S ROOM. lol The bathroom was my favorite. He was obviously wanking in there for awhile until I guess he got really f-ed up and replaced the poster women's heads with eye-balls and shit. Then there was the worms and noose, and god those rooms were my favorite.

Clarence. Ha. Loved that guy. He was a traitor to everyone. My favorite secene with him was when he mind-fucked Philp into killing Ananabelle or whatever here name was. She annoyed me anyway. I loved hiding in the vent after he switches bodies and tries to kill you. He yells out some fucked up shit while you are in there. MONKEY WHERE ARE YOU HEHHAHAHAHA

Philp's crowing moment of awesome was his last email, which was like "FUCK THIS, KILL THEM ALL." If he would have taken their side that would have been corny to me.

My favoite thing to do was kill zombied dogs. It was the one thing I was good at. Once they get hit down, I just pounded the shit out of em.



Oh and yes the tongue was awesome.

what, else, what else....hmm, oh yeah, the alien dicks were funny looking.

I'll remember more later. heh