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Just caught the Manchester United v. Manchester City game, where Man U lost 6 to 1. That's six to fucking one. You guys have done some embarrassing shit since I've been watching, but damn that is pathetic, easily a top 3 moment of utter sucktasticness. Those last 5 minutes were the sports equivalent of a devastating psychological breakdown, complete with involuntary loss of bladder control and psychotic gibbering.

I was going to write a real entry but then I realized I hate my putrid disgusting words to the point of nausea so yeah. Tomorrow maybe. But we've all seen how that usually turns out. Maybe instead if I say "I'll update two weeks from now" it'll actually get done on time, like some sort of Bizarro World timetabling.

It's driving me batshit how LJ now has Arial as the default entry font.

I'm sorry I've been such a shitty LJ friend lately guys. It's probably very disappointing for the new people I added within the last few months. I promise I used to be more entertaining. It's been a very rough time lately. And I don't even know why.
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