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NaNoWriMo 2011 kickoff - AWWW YEAHHH!

National Novel Writing Month '11, bitches! :D

This time around I'm finally writing a story I've had kicking through my head for a whopping TEN YEARS, a psychological thriller/murder mystery kind of thing, nothing terribly original but both the plot and its characters have become quite dear to me over time. It seems like every other year I have an extremely tough time doing NaNo, and every other year between that I have an extremely easy time, where just writing at all is akin to therapy and I don't struggle much. Since last year was the most difficult writing experience, whether in or out of NaNo, that I'll ever have, that means this year should be an easy year, and what I've written so far seems to confirm that. I feel very inspired and the words are coming both easily and enjoyably. Predictably WordPerfect has already given me trouble and fucked up my document enough to make me have to start over from scratch after only one paragraph, but I fixed it and things should go smoothly from here on out. (Also, I was SO excited for this and now that it's upon me I'm here writing more words in this damn LJ post than in my actual novel so far, ahaha.)

Lots of you I already have added from previous years, but if there's anyone new to my friends list or new to NaNoWriMo that wants to add me on the official site, here's my profile:


Good luck and happy writing to everyone participating!

I've been in a very deep depression and having a run of terrible luck and terrible life in general, but I feel like writing will pull me out of that a bit, so I really think I'll be able to post a decent post again soon. I never meant to become so reclusive even on my LiveJournal, and for that I apologize. Isolating myself is so easy to do but it's never going to help me, not really. I'm trying to force myself to be more sociable online, so that maybe that can be a stepping stone towards socializing offline too. Despite everything I've said, I do still want to try to make it better. Just need a little help and a hell of a lot of luck. Or perhaps it's the other way around.

Anyway, see you guys later, I'm off to write a couple thousand words to put myself ahead of schedule a bit. Also a belated Happy Halloween, I ran out of time to make a post for that too. :)
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