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I'm late to the "the new comment system is a gigantic fucking turd" party, but... the new comment system is a gigantic fucking turd. When I think about it now almost every single thing that made LJ good is now gone. I was going to make a big comeback here after the new year but now I don't even know if it's worth it. I've been on this site for over 10 years and to see everything it used to be about get shamelessly flushed down the shitter is really upsetting. It's amazing that a site based on people writing down their thoughts and opinions can hire a staff that does not give a single shit about those users' thoughts or opinions. Who hires these people that keep fucking the userbase as well as the site itself? And more importantly - who is responsible for keeping them around after they abuse their power and make fun of user complaints and laugh about customer dissatisfaction? Why did anyone permit this site to fall into the hands of people whose goals are so far out of step with that of its userbase?

Whatever. I've finally sunk my teeth into Final Fantasy XIII in the past few days and I have a lot to say about it, but I've got to figure out this new formatting before I even attempt to post. Who knows what all they changed now. Ugh.

Christmas cannot possibly be over soon enough as far as I'm concerned. This is by far the worst Christmas season ever; we are barely scraping by, in fact we're having to ration our meals so we don't run out of food before payday, which is the first time we've had to do that since I was in high school. We always have big Christmases and it's very sad to see that this one is more meager than some of the really iffy ones from years ago. No one's in a good mood either, and we've done almost none of our traditional holiday things. It's just a shitty time all around. It seems like I say this every year but I'll be glad to see 2011 go.

FFXIII post going up tonight or tomorrow morning. Expect complaining and questioning of sexual orientations. Because if there's only two things I can provide, it's those two fucking things.
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